Replay of MQTT topics upon Deploy

Hello All. A fairly long time but intermintent user of Node-Red Love it!
A tiny bit of background. I initially had node red 18.4 on my raspberry pi. Used it worked great but quickly expanded out of a raspberry pi since it was not powerful enough for the stuff that I was doing with MQTT and a lot of other tasks besides node-red
I have since switched to a dedicated VM server with Ubuntu 18.04 with Node-red 20.5 latest release.
I have noticed great improvements and other changes. Overall great.
One thing that perplexes me that I hope someone can shed light on.
I have incoming mqtt nodes that I listen for and do actions. Most notibly i track stats on sever items around the house. Every time I make a change, I deploy it, it replays the last mqtt messages send from all devices. in the old Node-red 18.4, it did not do this. Is this a new feature or am I doing something stupid?
Here is a basic workflow
input MQTT listening on localhost with Mosquitto broker. it goes to some function nodes once it recieves a new MQTT message and calculates different things then outputs them on the UI and store them in a DB.
upon changing a node of ANYTHING not even related to mqtt. Literally anything. Even if I move a node then click deploy. It will deploy everything and then the input MQTT node will replay the last message it got from every single topic.
Hope this makes sense. and How can I stop this?

Sounds like you are using full deploy mode

Try switching to using modified flows or modified flows


Deploying modified nodes is one, but also, mqtt is a publish/subscribe system.
If 1 of your nodes publishes some value upon deploy, all subscribers will get the update.

Thanks for such a fast reply. That definitely fixed it! I didn't even noticed there were options for deploy. I just compared it to my 18.4 instance that I still have legacy stuff running on my pi and it is in Full deploy mode. I would suspect a change maybe between versions?

@bakman2 I only have subscribe topics currently for the ingest of data. I will eventually have publish mqtt items but not right now. While I could definitely see this happening (didn't think about it till you mentioned it) I would still suspect it is something else.
For example when I do a full deploy. my input MQTT node replays "{"r":1,"as":0,"mas":0,"mis":0,"d":920,"ts":"17:37:36","st":0}" I then change something, it will replay the same exact message

One thing I did notice which would appear to happen due to me importing some other peoples nodes /mqtt setup is. There is a birth mesage it always publishes. I have since removed that which has also someone fixed some weirdness of topics I was seeing in mqtt subscribs