Request of public beanstalkd node (with sponsorship)

I am curious would anyone be interested if we sponsor a public repo in github for the endeavor of a beanstalkd nodes that can do the basic i/o to begin with.

Hi, can you tell us a little more about beanstalk?

Is there an existing NPM module or github repository for communicating with beanstalk?

What are the communication protocols involved?

What does beanstalk run on and can it be installed on a readily available, off the shelf device?


Beanstalkd is a schedule enabled queue system, Its web site is at

It has text based protocol .Think it like mqtt but has scheduling in its core with reservation principle.

There are already npm libraries supporting its operations. : Beanstalkd |

It works on linux and has very small footprint yet blazingly fast, can also persist on disk. It supports both TCP and socket operations.

Good stuff.

What sort of time frame are you looking at?

When you say "do the basic i/o to begin with" can you provide an example in code (preferably) or by description? It will help potential dev to understand what properties need to be settable in a node-red node package.

E.g. Are you expecting node-red to spin up a worker & process queues? or just to "put" into the a queue (worker application are expected to be spun up externally) etc.

As simple as possible, as quick as possible to iterate upon based on this list from top to bottom from this list which basicaly put what a beanstalkd client can do

I think this also shows some code sample of basic i/o (put and reserve) on how the nodered should do: Beanstalkd Node-RED Library.

ok, we seeded one, feel free to contribute : @tolgaulas/node-red-contrib-beanstalkd - npm

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