"RequestError: socket hang up"

I'm using http-request node to call with api, if my api takes more than a minute to response, I'm getting error: "RequestError: socket hang up" exactly after one minute

How can I increase the request time-out to more than a minute

Is it normal that it takes so long?

You can change the timeout in the settings file

/** Timeout in milliseconds for HTTP request connections.*/
httpRequestTimeout: 120000

Thanks for the response,
Even I increase it to 12000, It still giving "RequestError: socket hang up" exactly after 1 minutes

Checks the URL used and if it must contain a property to work.

It could happen that it is just an error of choice http/https

Without more information on this API it's hard to say

By the way, shouldn't you use the http-request node?

yeah I used http-request node

Do I have to connect setting.js file somewhere or it is automatically connected when I ran node-red locally?

No, it's global config loaded when NR starts

And passing json {"prompt": "What is ..."} which I sending in the api body
exactly it is waiting of 1 minute, If the api give the response within 1 minute then it works fine

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