Research on "multiple outputs" question

I’ve been reading about multiple outputs.

Multiple outputs

I can’t use that on the function node - can I?

I tried and put this in it - to get a feel for it:

msg.payload = "blah";
return [msg, msg];

But when I deployed, there was only one output.

Ok, sorry. My fault.

Forgot to increase the number of outputs to 2 on the node.


One request: you often post long questions and then come back and edit them to say you’ve solved it yourself. It would be great if you would add something to the top of your post to say it’s solved so we don’t have to read through the whole thing only to discover there’s no longer a question to answer.

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Sorry Nick.

I shall try to remember.

Just when I come back and edit it, or reply if the edit time has expired: How do I edit the topic if I am editing?