Reset the selected item in dropdown

I have the following option values in a dropdown ..
option0 = "None"
option1 = "A0"
option2 = "A1"
option3 = "A2"
The issue I'm having is when I select an item(ex option2 = "A1") and press a button for process, the value remains selected. I would to have it reset back to option0 = "None".

use a change node to set the payload to "option0" and feed it back to the input - probably with a delay so the user gets some feedback - and set the dropdown node to not pass input through

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If you reselect the same menu item... you do not get the 'selected' property, so it gets tricky to know which item to send back to the drop down (list) to refresh the item. I mentioned this on GitHub that the ui_list node has this odd quirk that the payload never has the selected item set if you reselect the current menu item.

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no - the issue you had was your option was called "0" which of course hit the javascript falsey scenario so wasn't detected - now fixed.

Geez... I seem to find all these odd quirks? Just because I happen to have '0' named title? Just my luck! Just the same, thanks for code update. :slight_smile:

Thats JavaScript!

LOL! So I am learning!

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