Resources to learn making widget in Dashboard UI Template

Hi guys,
I am quite new to Dashboard UI Template node, but familiar with Node Red since I've been using it for a long time.
I have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, but still I can't figure out how to design things in UI Template and having them looking as I've designed.
AngularJS should be the way to go, but it seems outdated and not supported anymore (I mean outside Node Red).
I've tried regular AngularJS directives but they are not behaving as expected, so I'm bit confused.
Do you have resources to understand where to start and how things have to be done?
Many thanks!

About the resources - the forum is best we have. And of course the online docs for angularjs.
Is it reasonable to start to learn angularjs today - I really doubt. If you do search here about ui_template you'll find many many different solutions for different problems. But the truth is - you actually don't need too much of the angularjs. Actually all the front-end libraries created on top of bare HTML, CSS, JavaScript combinations. And functionalities of those 3 are always available. Same goes for the ui_template.

You may think about it as a container placed into dashboard page and for that container the two-way access is available - you can listen incoming messages and you can send messages back to the server side. To make the content inside the container, you can use HTML, CSS, and client side JavaScript functionality as you like, All you'll need to take from angularjs side is the message management. And all basic examples of it are clearly shown at the ui_template node's help page.

If basics does not do the trick for you, it takes to share the bit in your flow and ask specific questions about how and why.

Happy codding. It is not that complicated you think it is. It is as complicated as you write it.

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