Response time, update speed

Hey i'm kinda new to node-red and i am wondering when i run this on a raspberry pi, does it update fast eneugh within 30hz (0.03S) for I/O control

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You've actually asked a tricky question for which there isn't a simple answer.

The first thing to note is that Node-RED is absolutely not a "real time" service since neither the underlying Node.JS nor the Linux OS are real time. Indeed, Node.JS is single-threaded in general and so cannot guarantee exactly when some code will be executed.

The next thing to note is that there are many different Pi versions so it also depends on which Pi you are using and what other services are running.

So the answer is maybe but maybe not!

Personally, I would strongly recommend that, if you need tight control over timing, that you add an Arduino or other real time microprocessor and give it any time critical processing. Let Node-RED be used for overall command and control which is what it is best at.