Restart loop 4 times per minute

node-red[3353]: ../src/base_object-inl.h:140:static void node::BaseObject::InternalFieldSet(v8::Localv8::String, v8::Localv8::Value, const v8::PropertyCallbackInfo&) [with int Field = 2; bool (v8::Value::* typecheck)() const = &v8::Value::IsFunction]: Assertion `((*value)->*typecheck)()' failed.
nodered.service: Main process exited, code=killed, status=6/ABRT
nodered.service: Failed with result 'signal'.

I can't figure out what's wrong. My flows were working fine yesterday evening, and when I opened the Dashboard this morning, this started happening, and I can't stop it (without stopping Node-RED).

I've tried restarting the Raspberry Pi and disabling all of my own triggers, but it seems to be happening on a deeper level.

There is not much to go on from here.
Could you post the output of node-red-start (use the </> icon before pasting the output).
Can you also specify the versions of node-red, node and npm ?

I finally narrowed it down. It was the node-red-contrib-neato-botvac node that was suddenly sending a null msg.payload, possibly due to an external server error.

I put in a switch node checking the payload for null before passing it on, and everything is fine now.

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Was it that node that was crashing ¿ or the one after ? If so what was that node. Either way, one of them needs to be fixed if possible. Thanks

Good question!

I dug even deeper after you asked this, and discovered that it is in fact the Trigger node that doesn't handle a null msg.payload. So perhaps this bug is in Node-RED core after all, and not the Neato module.

Confirmed on 1.0.4

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thanks for finding and confirming.

Happy to have an issue raised against the project so we can track/fix it - thanks



Oops - I was actually runing 1.0.3 on my Win10 - didn't actually check version :grimacing:

Sorry for wasting everyones time

I'm running 1.0.5 on Raspberry Pi 4, 4GB. Upgraded all packages and nodes a couple of days ago.

Works fine for me now that I'm on 1.0.5

so @osvedman - hmm any clues how can we re-create ? How is your trigger configured ?

(Edit - aha - think I have one mode -- if payload is null (object) rather than missing completely.

I can confirm this one :slight_smile:

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I also managed to reproduce with the Debug node. So there might be more nodes that are affected.

Please share any examples you can. Thanks