Retrieve data from influxdb in higher precision

Hello kind souls, I need some help working on my first project with influxdb and grafana here. I need to retrieve my past data from influxdb with the highest precision I can. I have successfully retrieved my data through using query I get from grafana, which is shown on the influxdb node in the figure.

However, I can only get my data using "GROUP BY" and "fill(null)" because sometimes my sensors gives null value. The highest precision I can get is 1second by using "GROUP BY", I couldn't get my data that is between every 1 second interval.
Anyone know how else I should write my query to get my data from influxdb in the highest precision of my data?

If you want to get all the samples that are in the database then remove the group by completely and select just the value rather than the mean.

You might want to read the influx documentation for durations

Thank you for your reply! I will try again with your suggestions!

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