Return CLI output from a Cisco 5k Switch

Hello All,

I am pretty new to Node-Red, and have been using Node-Red-Dashboard to make a network monitoring screen for a network of Cisco 5k, Cisco 2K FEX's and 60x Cisco SG250 Switches.

I have managed to make quite a nice little GUI which shows pings to the SG Switches, as well as monitoring certain connected ports on both the 5K and the SG's.

However, I am looking for a way to display the result of the command line 'sh int fex' from the 5k, which returns the connected FEX's and the ports they are connected on.
I have tried to use SNMP data from the 5k, however, this doesn't work the way I want, because if items connected to the FEX are inactive, there is no In/Out traffic between the 5K and the FEX.

Any help greatly appreciated.



Have you got SSH access to the switch or simply terminal ?

Here is a good discussion from a while ago about this

And another approach


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Hi Craig,

Thanks for the reply - Yes, I do have SSH access to the switches, I use Royal TSX so that I can SSH / Telnet into each switch, and have easy access to all of them from a single location.
The idea is that I can have the Node-Red service running and anyone else can load up the GUI and see the status of their switches, without having to come and bother me!

Thanks again for the links, I will have a read through and a play around


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