Reverse the date order of post

Hi, I may have miss it, rather that scroll a long topic (like NR google home integration, with over 250 posts). How do I get the latest post first without having to scroll through all the posts? is there somewhere to re order the posts?


Hi, no I don't think you can. There is a slider on the right you can use to quickly drag to the end.

I'm not sure if the question is related to the output order of msgs in the Debug sidebar or not -- but that's the way I read it, too, Dave. @kenkoknz, is this what you meant? or is this a question about how to order an array of data?

IF the list of "posts" is an array of data, there is a sort node that can reverse the order based on a timestamp or index -- or even a simple function that uses the Javascript reverse function would work.

BUT, this brings to mind some debug sidebar feature requests I've been holding for a while:

  • Allow the msg.timestamp field (often used for historical data records) to be displayed -- instead of using the time the msg was received
  • A message sort toggle that allows the newest msgs to appear at the top (reverse order) -- perhaps what the OP was requesting?
  • A setting to choose the default date/time format to use for all received timestamp values (right now, each individual value has to be toggled between millis/UTC/hex)
  • Filter msgs by time received, so whenever a new msg is received, all msgs older that some amount of time are culled from the list (especially nice with reverse time sorted lists)

I've tried to put this into order from (imo) simplest to hardest to implement -- but since I probably won't be coding these features, I just wanted to see if anyone else had thought of these or had strong feelings about their worth...

errr. I read it as meaning purely about the order of posts within this discourse forum... nothing to do with actual Node-RED... but I may be mistaken.

The post was talking about navigating the posts in this forum. Ken mentions the NR google home integration topic which does, indeed, have over 250 replies on it.

As DCJ points out, there is a way to conveniently navigate through the replies. And also, rather than having to drag that slider, you can click the timestamp at the bottom (where it says 9m ago in Dave's screenshot) and it takes you right there.

@shrickus if you have ideas and suggestions for something else, please start a new topic in the #development:feature-requests category so they don't get lost in this unrelated topic.

I have moved this topic to the #meta category as it is regarding the forum and not node-red.

Well I guess that shows just how scattered my thinking is today...

In the words of Rosanne Rosannadanna, "Never mind!"

Hi, Perhaps I did not make myself explicit, yes it is a simple case of navigation, as scrolling or dragging the side bar thro 250 replies every I look at the "google home intergration" post is bit of a 'drag'. This is especially so on a android phone as the forum provide an escape from boredom while transiting on a bus or train.

@knolleary, you hit the nail on the head with the time stamp tip, exactly what I am looking for, a button to press that takes me to the latest reply without any scrolling, thank you.

@shrickus, you must be quite a cryptic crossword solver!

Thanks all,