RFID tag writer

Hello everyone. Currently, I am using " rc522" node to read rfid tags (id, data). Is there any node to write rfid tags?

What hardware are you planning to use use to write to the tags?

I want to use the same hardware what i am using to read rfid tags. So I have RC522 RF IC Reader
and raspberry pi 3.

Does that device write as well as read tags? I can't see where on the link you posted where it says it can write as well as read.

Actually currently, to write the tags, I am using raspberry 3, RC522 RF IC Reader, and Maker pHAT and follw the following tutorial and it is working.
But for reading I am using raspberry 3, and RC522 RF IC Reader with Nodered, and I want to also write tags in Nodered.

If I had to do this I would probably modify the python script in the tutorial and run the script from node-red. Alternatively you could post an issue against the node you are using to see if the author can add a write function.

Thanks. Sure, I am going to request to the node author.

I have raised the request at author github.but I did not get any response. :pensive:

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