Use a Wiegand RFID Reader

Hello guys, after successfully testing with an RC522 RFID reader in node read i wand to use a more beautiful reader without building case on my own.

So i only find the KR601 on aliexpress that uses the wiegand protocol.
#Aliexpress € 11,75 | KR601E Access Control RFID Kartenleser 13,56 MHZ 125Khz Proximity-kartenleser Wiegand 26 34 NFC Reader IP65 Wasserdicht

to my disadvantage as an beginner in node red, there is no specific node for that reader =(.

I only find a npm package for that:

And a node-red node to run npm packages:

I dont know how i can use these 2 things together.

I hope you can help me to get it to work.

I only need the ID from the reader reading a rfid tag.

Best regards

My personal opinion on how to approach this:
I don't know how much you know about javascript/nodejs, but I would recommend to first get the functionality working without taking Node-RED into account.
This means installing the npm module you mentioned and trying out the example from its readme.

If that works, then you can think about integrating it into Node-RED.

Have you connected this reader to a raspberry? (As required by the module you posted)

I dont know much in Java.... ive tried the npm stand alone with the example and it works fine.... when I hold my tag on the reader it shows me:
Id in decimal
Id in hexadecimal
And in another format....

Now I want to use this example in the node red npm-node, but I dont know how =(

Yes, I have connect this reader to the raspberry with a level shifter.

Br pierre

I have never used the contrib-npm node, so other people might be more helpful.

If you don't want to wait until somebody helps you with node-red-contrib-npm, you can try to create your own custom node. If you are willing to learn a bit about javascript and to read carefully, wrapping the example from wiegand-node in a custom node should not be too complicated, especially since you already have the functionality working.

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I think it's easier to buy a rfid reader with serial port or hid output.

Yeah you are right.... this were easier.... iam very happy with the rc522 reader over spi, but i dont find compatible reader like that with a nice looking housing =(. a rc522 in the housing of the KR601 would be fine......

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