RGB inject Lidl vs. Hue Strips

Hi there,

I have a little living room light project here with a big problem.

I am analyzing the Vibrant color in the cover picture of the current song with the vibrant node of node-red, converting the color to RGB color and sending the RGB value to the following lights:

  • Ambilight (Hue Lightstrip Plus)
  • Three Spots (Hue White & Color Ambience HU10)
  • Three cheap Lidl (germany) strips
  • Hue Iris

My problem ist that the color differences between the Amibilight, the Spots and the Iris is noticeable but no big problem but the cheap strips are interpeting the RGB color sometimes completely wrong (see picture)

The left is the cheap strip, in the corner it's the Hue Iris.

In Home Assistant every color values are completely the same in the entity.

What I noticed is that the cheap strips don't use the WW component of them. Both (the Hue and the cheap strips) ware RGBWW strips and they can both color and kelvin but when I inject a RGB value the hue stripes use both LEDs and the cheap ones only RGB.

Do you have an idea here how I can solve this problem (without buying 6m additional meters of hue strips) ... It's more from interest than to make it perfect in face because it's just for fun :wink:

Thank you