Node-red-node-pi-neopixel Strange strand behavior

I posted this in an older topic and there was no response, I wanted to post again as a new topic incase it was missed. I will remove if this is breaking the rules.

Hello all
I have been using this tutorial -
to control this strip-

I set the wipe time to 0 MS (on the setting of the neopixle node) The 300 LED strip is now very very fast.

I'm having a weird thing with each end of the light. the start of the strip is the correct color but the far end is not. If I tell it to do all R or G or B the colors look fine but a blend gives me a different color from one side to the other. Here is a pic of each end of the strip set to white, one side is white the far end is red-

It also looks funny with other colors, if I try to do a green it looks washed out, a yellow and it goes red at the end.

I have three questions
1- Is this normal? I hope not. Does it look like a software issue or a bad strand of LED's?
2- The dash board from the above tutorial works fine for a few adjustments then slows way down to the point of being unusable, is there a fix for that?
3- is there a better way to control these lights, my ideal would be to have them run at a simulated 2700-3000k color temp and only make different colors when I have a party or at the holidays.

Thank you for all of your advice.

Its probably due to the length of the strip and not enough power getting to the LEDs further along the strip.

The blue leds need the most voltage to work correctly - the greens need next highest and the red the lowest so that could explain the symptoms you are seeing


That was it! I put an additional 5 volts from a larger power supply at the far end and they turned the right color! Thank you very much