Neopixels Node not working

Hi there
At first: I'm new in NodeRed, i'm new in working with the RPI, i'm new in linux and i'm very bad in english!
Sorry for that.

I have a RPI 3B+ (i think) with a 300 LED ws281x stripe at Pin 12.
I have allready run node red. I've installed the things i should like the manual shows for the RPI Neopixles Node.
Under the Node it says a green dot with "OK" but not every time! I push deploy an its green. OK. And after a couple of seconds it says: closed. Not in the same interval after deploing. Some times after 3sec and some times after 3 min.

Then I learned hardly someting about linux on RPI. Now I could use example scripts in the comandline like: sudo python and then all my LEDs do a rainbow!
This means to me that in should work on RPI side and the problem is on the Nodered side.

I read the Info that audio things could error the LEDs an I go to: config.txt and outline the audio thing. but on one side it do it with python and audio and on the oder it makes no change to the thing in Nodered.

Could anybody please help me with that?

Thanks a lot in advance

Hi Alex! Welcome to the addictive world of Pi's, node-red and hardware!

Plese export your flow and paste it into a reply using the </> in the menu.
Also please stop and start node-red and copy the startup log and paste it into a reply so we can see what version you are running.

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