Neopixel - no output, example?


I am trying to get a neopixel cirkel running with node red.
But no output at all.
done all needed steps in the readme file and connected to pin 12, gpio 18

Can somebody help me with a working example or test file?
I saw last update was 10 months ago, could it be that it is not running on V1.0 >?


It would help to know what node-red-contrib-xxxx node are you using.

I t works fine for me on several Pi

Did you notice the pre-requisite for it?

PS Its a good idea to run one the unicorn examples using python to make sure the hardware is connected and working before trying it out in Node-RED

of course, sorry!


Don't fret.

You aren't the only one who has fallen for that trap.

I recently had the same problem.

So long as you learn and (try) not to repeat the mistake: all is good.

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what neopixel device are you using?(can you give a url pointing at it?)
how many led's?
what are you using for power?
what are you connecting all the wires to?

It is this one from ali
Connected to the 5 volt and gpio 18 pin 12
12 leds
I saw a tutorial video connected the same way and it was working in that video

You have to connect ground (pin6) as well

Have you tested using python example e.g.

sudo python Pimoroni/unicornhat/examples/

There may be a problem with the levels.

RPI signals are 3.3v the LEDs are needing 5v.

That also may be a problem.

Can you provide a copy of your flow?

The code below is working.
I think the problem was the chinese thing.


Now need to find out how to control single pixels and stuff, tutorial links are welcome :wink:
Thanks for your help and support

When i read the info i find this about controlling parts of the pixel ring

A range of pixels from x to y can be set by msg.payload with a CSV string x,y,r,g,b

I understand this as the code below

msg.payload = ( 1,3,255,0,255 );

tested this in all modes of the neopixel node but no succes.
do i understand this wrong?

Use the string "1,3,255,0,255"

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Hihaa! You made my day, got it running!


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