RGB tuya Bulbs via Alexa


I'm pretty new to all this, and don't really know.kich coding so googling my way thru alot of stuff. I've recent set up Hass.io and have been messing about with stuff, I've got it detecting my phone on the network and this relaying into node red etc. I've also got Alexa working in node red. I'm now stuck on how to use Alexa to change the colour of a tuya bulb.

From what I can tell the Alexa nodes pass out colours in a hue/saturation value(HSV), and the tuya/HA node needs it in RGB value, I have a node which will convert this, bit in the process loses the rest of the message. What's the best way of taking the HSV out, and replacing it with the RGB value to send to the call service node.



Does it lose all the message or just the msg.payload part?

Add a debug node before and after and change them to display entire message.

If it only replaces msg.payload use a change node to move msg.payload to msg.something before the node

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if anyone is interested how i solved this, I realised asking the light to be black, actually turned it white, so I used a change node to change the msg.playload to the exact payload received when asking for that. You can now ask for white and get it.

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