Passing colors to Alexa via remote2

Hi all,

I'm converting from ST to Hubitat and Node Red. I'm using Alexa Remote 2 to access Alexa from NR. So far, knock on wood, everything has been working just fine. I have a few RGBW LED WiFi controllers from Tuya that Alexa integrates with just fine. Alexa can control them; changes colors, etc... and integrating directly to NR and/or Hubitat seems a bit overly complex for just a few lights. The remote2 nodes also work well so my infrastructure's in place and pretty stable.

Where I've come to a little stumbling block as a NR noob is that I would like to use NR to send a color to Alexa based on a dashboard selection. The Alexa node allows me to create an action to select a color but I am limited to the dropdown list of pre-defined colors. I cannot find any tutorials or info online that help me figure out how to pass the color into the node instead of only selecting a color from the drop-down list.

Is there anyone that maybe have done this and can help? Thanks

You should be able to use the custom routine node with payload

{ type: 'smarthome', payload: { entity: 'Lamp_name', action: 'setColor', value: '#FF00FF' } 

This info can be found on the node info of the custom node

  • entity can be an id or name (case insensitive)
  • action: turnOn , turnOff , setColor , setColorTemperature , setBrightness , setPercentage

Thanks, I'll give that a try.

Nice Avatar BTW :slight_smile:

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