Alexa Automation To Siemens Logo8! over Node Red

I'm new to Node red.
In the finishing process of our house rebuild i designed the electrical installation with Siemens Logo.
Recently i bought a RBPI with Node Red and An Amazon Echo Dot 5th gen.
In order to get to the next step id like to automate the light controll with Alexa.
I've seen soms tutorials here and there how to implement it in Node Red, however i cant seem to find any topics (if i'm not wrong) that discuss how to controll your Logo8! with Alexa over Node Red.
I've created a simple flow where i am able to switch on the kitchen lights with Alexa.
How ever, i see that the network input in my Logo program stay's on.
Could any one help me out with this?
I'm sute its a simple trick, i think id probably have to get a function node inbetween to make it act like a pushbutton.
What i would like to reach is, Alexa voice command working in paralel with the pushbuttons, so i'll have to get a feedback to the node to indicate the lights status.
Here under the flow i created in Node Red and a shot of the program in Logo as is.

From my experience, the outlets, lamps and Cie. controlled from home automation (Alexa, Siri...) are toggle switches so to answer your question I suggest that you modify your program in the Logo in order to use the rising/falling edge (P/N).

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