Control an Amazon Smart Switch

Did some searching, but nothing comes up.....

I want to control an Amazon Smart Switch (electrical power outlet) NOT with my voice, but with Node-RED.
I see plenty of nodes to allow you to interact with Node-RED via Alexa, but nothing for just controlling their switched outlets?

The end goal is to use a timer node to turn the outlet on and off.
(Of course I will still be able to use my voice to turn the switch on and off as it currently works).

I see there is a TP-Link outlet node, but is there anything for Amazon that I am missing?

It appears to be controllable via a WiFi app so you could, in theory, intercept the traffic from the app and reverse engineer the protocol.

Otherwise, you will have to do it via Alexa.

@mike_biddell Are you meaning to say that the TP-Link Node will work with the Amazon smart switch?

I have tried the TP Link node with my TP link switches and it does not work.
Contacted the author and he said he can not test the node since he does not have the hardware, he just wrote it blind.

The issues I had with that TP link node are partly what caused me to go with the Amazon switches.
I honestly thought I could control them via Node-RED.

Errr I bought this:-

And used the HS100 node and it worked straight away. I made sure the plug obtained an IP address, put that in the node, changed the payload to ON and OFF ...... it worked ???

But since yours didn't work, we can only speculate that they don't all have the same firmware, or TP Link have changed the firmware in some way ???