Ring door bell flow with restore media player state


Apologies if this has already been answered. I am trying to setup a flow that casts a URL to all my devices when the doorbell is pressed which is fairly simple. Here is the tricky part i want to check each media play first record/store its current state and return it back after the URL is played.

I have the URL playing but super annoying that i have to keep restarting the internet radio or spotify playlist each time the bell is run :rage:

Thanks in advance

I admit it is not really clear what your question is.
I also do not understand above sentence.

Hi Janvda
Thanks for the response and sorry if it doesn't make sense. Let me try and explain

I have a Google Max playing Internet radio and somebody rings the door bell my Node-red flow then casts a bell sound to the speaker and its played. However after it is played i then have to manually restart the internet radio on the Google Max.

What i would like to be able to do is check what the Google Max is doing before I cast the media store that information and then restore it say 20 seconds after I initiate the bell sound.

Hope this helps

This seems to be more of a question for a google support forum than node-RED, as ability to interact in this way is restricted by google, not node-RED.

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Not sure how it would be a Google issue as i have cast something new to the device.

What command or sequence of commands would you "say" to google to get it to do what you want ? Can you say "pause playback - play bell sound - resume previous playback" ?

No. I am just casting a weblink to the mp3 file i want it to play.

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