Can NR determine what is playing on my Google Home?

When my garage door opens NR casts a 'door opening' message to my Google Home Mini's.
This works fine, however if one of my GHM is playing music (started independently from NR) the music stops and won't restart on completion of the flow.

Is it possible to somehow check what is currently playing (e.g. internet radio station) and then restart after the 'door opening' message is complete?


Was about to ask the exact same question!
Did you manage to solve this?

Instead of "casting" (which I suspect is just changing the stream from music to your message), in theory, you could use the "announce" command.

E.g., as an example,

  • "Hey Google, play rock music"
  • Enjoy what plays for a minute
  • "Hey Google, announce door opening"

I'm certain after the announcement, music resumes.

Perhaps if you can automate the "announce" this would be a solution?


seems you can broadcast an announcement via node-red....

I just setup the node-red-contrib-google-home-notify-volume-adjustable in my installation.

It is broken with error message in the debug window "TypeError: Googletts is not a function" when I googled this seems that the node is broken and no longer being updated by the contributor.

I do like however how you have mentioned the use of using the announce instead of cast which I am currently using for my doorbell which currently annoyingly stops the music from playing as I shake my fist at the person at the door for interrupting my beats.