Tts Google Messages and then start Music

I'm a bit of a hassle, I start playing radio via Home assistant on my Google speakers, I have more automation in node red, which send a tts message out in the speakers, it works fine, but after the message, the musician does not start again, can one not make so the speakers play on after node red has sent a tts message ??

This has been asked previously a number of times, and is caused by the way that google have structured their google speakers. It is therefore more a question to be directed towards google.

I have however been trying to announce information in my google speakers using 'announcements' in node-red-contrib-google-smarthome, instead of tts > mp3 > cast which may work better, but unfortunately it's still not working as planned. See Send 'announcements' to google home · Issue #153 · mikejac/node-red-contrib-google-smarthome · GitHub

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