Riot-nodes error

Hi, did anyone try to run this project, because when i try to upload Packege.json i've got error: ''Input not a json array''. Any help?

You don't need to do anything with package.json. To install nodes direct from github go to your .node-red directory and run
npm install ReeceRobinson/riot-nodes
however that fails to build for me (with nodejs 16). I notice that it has not been updated in 4 years so very likely it is not compatible with current versions of nodejs.

You need to install git to fetch nodes from github.

Is that your .node-red directory? It doesn't look like it though since you have blanked it out it is not easy to see.
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Do you mean to install this ?

Yes, but I hope you are not using Windows 7!

Using Win7 is a problem, not for this node, but because it has been out of support for over a year and is no longer receiving security fixes. It is not safe to use it if it is connected to the internet. It costs nothing (except time) to upgrade to Win 10.

[Edited] Corrected number of years out of support, I cannot count apparently.

I use programs, that are only for Win 7
If i download the project manually and then try to install ?
Can i install it on RPI 4 raspbian ?

I told you how to install using npm. That will work on any system (provided you have installed git).

That is irrelevant. If you use a browser you may visit a web site that will attack your system, or if you open a file or email attachment that is infected then that also may attack your system.

I'm not sure, that you understand me. I meant, that i use old programs, that can work only on Win 7.

So, If i download the project manually and then try to install, it will not have any effect ?
Can i install it on RPI 4 raspbian ?

You MUST start from the .node-red directory.


cd C:\Users\Martin Pandurski\.node-red
npm install ReeceRobinson/riot-nodes

But as colin stated you will need git installed. Do you have git installed?

what happens if you type git --version in a cmd window?

I don't have git installed. Colin told me, that if i use Win 7 it is not recommended to install git

No I didn't. I said that using Win 7 is not recommended for anything. You can install git and it will not make any difference to your security.

The install method using npm will work on any system.

Have you tested them? W10 is very backward compatible in general. I think that MSFT have an ISO somewhere that you can run in the free VirtualBox vm app. I don't think I've come across anything myself from the W7 era that won't run under W10. W10 has a number of compatibility settings as well for apps that might be rather long in the tooth.

You need to remember though, as Colin says, running old, out of support applications and OS's is, in this day-and-age of extreme malware, VERY dangerous both for yourself and for anyone who's details are on your PC or who shares any network you connect to.

If you do really come across something that won't work, personally I would recommend running W7 in a virtual machine just for that app and keep it away from any internet connectivity. In fact, you would be better served by trying your apps on Linux under Wine than running W7 as a general desktop.

You need to install the build windows essentials package as directed in the Node-RED docs.

This ?

node-pre-gyp install --fallback-to-build

No, windows build essentials as Julian said...

see node-red documentation

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That does not look finished. It takes quite a while I've seen it take up to an hour to install build essentials on slow machine or where there is slow network. Do you start from an elevated administrator CMD prompt?

Did the command
npm install --global --production windows-build-tools
complete successfully? That is what Steve is referring to I believe. You must wait for it to return to the command prompt, which may take a long time, particularly if you have a slow broadband connection. Possibly it may take hours.