Roborock node causes instance to shut down

Hello everybody,

I have installed 'node-red-contrib-miio-roborock' in my Instance of node-red and connected my Vaccuum cleaner. I already noticed, that the software causes the whole instance to break when the cleaner does not respond. (Battery down i.e.)

Now I sent it away for maintenence and just realized that nothing in my house works anymore, because the node-red instance is completely broken. Is there anything I can do to deactivate the error causing part? Maybe from the console delete the node of the cleaner or something? The node-red backend also does not load!

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Start node-red in safe mode. Once running, you can access the browser, remove any nodes you need to then deploy.

Ps, there are a couple of issues on the repo. This one suggests a fix....

Awesome, that sounds good - one Problem is left:

I installed node-red within iobroker, so the usual paths for stopping the service do not work.
Has anyone the correct "stop/safemode"-Path?

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Can you access the terminal of the container? You can uninstall the node using npm remove node-red-contrib-xxxxx then restart.

I just found: Within iobroker activate checkbox: Security-Mode and relaunch the module.


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