Rock Pi i2C in node red


following the shortage of Rpi I wanted to test the RockPI.I did all the installations of Debian and NR.

I want to use the mcp23017-chip node (working perfectly on RPI) but it doesn't work on the RockPI.
However I chose 0x22 or 21 as it tells me in the command "sudo mraa-i2c detect 0"

avez vous deja essayer de faire cela ou faire fonctionner NR sur Rockpi ?

The kernel of rockpi os (neither 4.4 nor 5.15) has not
The mcp23017 driver (aka gpio-mcp23s08 for 4.4, pinctrl-mcp23s08 for 5.10) included neither built-in nor as a loadable module.
If you try to recompile your kernel including this driver and load the module at boot you Will find the device /sys/class/gpio/gpiochip496 ....but After this, i m experiencing a lot of instability of the the board (a rockpi 4 se) that Is freezing randomly After almost a day of Activity.
IMHO Rockpi has a long Road ahead (mainly on the documentation) to be compared with the loved RPi

Thank you for this feedback (even if it does not help my development). Between that and the I2C that works with MRAA not supported by NR

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