Rotate nodes in editor?

Hi guys,
Currently I am building an emulator for a subsystem in NR and trying to visually show how something moves in the system so I am laying out my nodes to represent the physical layout and in doing so it would be really cool if I could rotate the nodes so they are "facing" in the direction of how I want the flow to be - anyone knows if it is possible to rotate the nodes in the editor?

Thanks in advance for any answers!

No, it isn't possible. The editor isn't intended to be a dashboard.

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Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: - and I know its not supposed to be a dashboard.
Just thought that this could be a feature that is useful anyway. Sometimes you end up that you want to "backfeed" something via another node earlier in the flow (which could be solved in other ways as well) and might end up with something like this:


But I also buy the argument of consistency if all nodes are "facing" the same way.

You could use the link nodes, then you won have any "wires" twisting.
Just a thought


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