Editor's Node layout/orientation

I came across the following screenshot and it got me wondering, is there a simple way to actually have only select nodes displayed in the editor in a vertical orientation? I have an idea for a project but this is a bit of an odd requirement that I may face. Even if it were only custom made nodes that were displayed in this fashion. Or maybe a quick CSS workaround (tbh I'm not the greatest with CSS yet).

Short answer - no.

Really long answer - somewhere in this thread

I had come across that thread in my searches. However, it's not the wiring functionality I need changed, just a purely cosmetic change to rotate select nodes 90 degrees? (Yes I realize this is a bizarre seeming request). My idea being inspired by some artistic code that I saw on a Lex Friedman video of Donut-shaped C code that generates a 3D spinning donut. And it got me thinking. Although it is very much outside of the intended use-case of Node-RED but could I challenge myself to code custom nodes that operate as the traditional game "Dominos" in the editor? This would be more of an art-project/proof-of-concept than just a technical one like a standard game.

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