row.getCell(columnName) in nodered-ui-Table doesn't work

Hi I am trying to use the row.getCell(column) in my nodered-ui-Table so that when a user edited a specific cells or rows it will send a callbacks.

However, it seems like this function is not functioning well.
I have columns set via msg.ui_control to be something like this:

What I want is, when I edited tha column "Tagname", I want to get it's oldValue.
Before I can do this by using the
"cell.getOldValue()" function on cell component. However, due to I need to switch my function to be on "Row component" instead of cell. I change my code to be "row.getCell('measurement').getOldValue()"

However this function does not return the anything. As per document on tabulator:

The function returns the cell component of the specific column. So from what I understand, it is still the same as cell.getOldValue()

here is my code where I put my function, it is under the msg.ui_control:

                "title": "Tagname",
                "field": "measurement",
                "headerTooltip": "Tagname",
                "editor": true,
                "hozAlign": "center",
                "headerFilter": "input",
                "frozen": true,
                "width": 200,
                "validator": [
                "cellEdited": "function(row) {var new_data = {rowdata: row.getData(), passTagname:row.getCell(measurement).getOldValue(), callBack: 'editedTagname' }; this.send(new_data);}"

Again, I wanna tag my friend @Christian-Me. Hoping hope can suggest.

Thank you.


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