RPi-3 serial port problems

I had a setup running on a RPi-2 with sensors on the serial port, ttyAMA0. That worked.
But it was a bit slow so I moved to a RPi-3. They used the ttyAMA0 port for bluetooth, so it is not free anymore.
I found something about removing the port from BT, but that didn't work.
I have a very simple test setup: a timestamp connected to serial out, and the a serial in to debug.
I tried ttyS0 but that didn't work either. And there are problems with the baudrate as the clock is derived from the cpu clock and that varies.
So I hooked up a FTDI232 to the usb to give me a ttyUSB0. I thought that should work. No. Oh btw, I did connect the rx to the tx on the FTDI as well as on the pi.
Obvoiusly I am doing something wrong of forget something, but I don't know what.
Or should I abandon the serial port altogether and hook my sensors to a ESP8266 and connect that to MQTT (what I also have running)?
Oh and I run latest versions of all the software, although Raspbian without GUI.

I checked again and I see the RX and the TX led on the FTDI232 flash when I trigger the timestamp.
So I think the transmit portion works, only the receive does not do what I expect.

Ok. One problem solved. On the serial-port properties section input the "split input" I had to set.
For my test setup to a time-out. Or to \n but that I had to add to the output-section to indicate the end-of-packet.
That solved the problem with the ttyUSB0.
Still I don't like the fact that you cannot use AMA0 anymore. Would save me a device. And a USB-port.

You can still use AMA0,

Thanks, that worked. So I'm back to AMA0.

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