RPI GPIO Error Help

"nrpgio python command not running" Im trying to toggle an LED on/off using inject input w/ rpi gpio node. Im getting that error in the debug line. RPI.GPIO library is installed. Can you guys help..?

Are your running this on Pi?
What version of Node-RED are you running?
Did you install Node-RED using standard script?

Raspberry Pi 3
Node-RED V0.20.7
Node.js v10.15.2

Node-RED was part of the standard installation of Raspbian Buster w/ Desktop

Just seen your other post which implies that the Pi input node is working for you

Is that right?
Its just the output node that isn't working and giving you the error?

I switched my micro sd card and got it to work. Unfortunately, id like to switch back since I have been building in it.

switch back
export your flows
clone then card that is working
import your flows…