Rpi5, RpiOS 12 (Bookworm), Node-RED v3.1.10, Node.js v18.20, i2c

Most threads reporting unsuccessful activity w/ Rpi5 have been closed. I think I have some positive news, so I'm starting this thread.

I have an Rpi5 w/ 8GB of Ram. I did not win the silicon lottery, so I'm only able to reliably achieve 2.6Ghz w/ the oem heatsink/fan combo and a well ventilated case. (many are achieving 3.1Ghz). I did successfully implement a 1TB NVMe drive as the boot and only media on the Pi at Gen3 PCIe speeds. Clever little adapter that fits the NVMe drive under the Pi in a custom 3D printed case.

I'm running RpiOS 12 64bit (bookworm), Node-RED v3.1.10 and Node.js v18.20.
Attempting to migrate a few projects from Rpi4 w/ Buster that utilize a ton of i2c sensors and devices.

I know the GPIO and Comm devices are now on the custom RPi-1 Southbridge with different linux drivers under RpiOS (hence the bookworm requirement) and that this creates issues for pigpio libraries and such. So, I didn't have high expectations for i2c comms w/ node-RED (honestly, they've always been a bit esoteric)

I created a flow, and found that I was able to make use of a few of the i2c specific contributed nodes.... I hooked up a few Atlas-Scientific sensors (an RTD probe and a pH probe) and scanned the i2c bus for addresses. The sensors returned their configured i2c addresses to Node-RED. Very pleased. However, I am unable to read measurement data from those sensors, but I'll go through the trouble of configuring the sensor electronics off-line and then re-attach them to my Rpi5 test system for another go.

I have a few other vendor specfic devices (data acquisition boards) to connect via i2c, so I'll update this thread with the progress from those as well.

The pictures are here just to point out how cool it is to have such a powerful desktop computer / automation controller in such a tiny package. Those are 2 32" 4K monitors being driven by that tiny box above the small keyboard. So, yeah, definitely would like to see my work migrated to this new powerful singleboard computer.