Run commands after a reboot

I would like the node red boot information.

it's to launch command line just after node red starts
maybe there is a node all done

Apologies, It's not clear to me what you are asking for. The boot / startup information is shown in the console when you start Node-RED - or in the system log if started automatically (depending on operating system).

sorry i'm not very good at english: i use google translate.

I would like to run command lines with the 'exec' node ,automatically after a raspberry reboot.
or after a power outage.

it is to launch a vpn (ngrok).
I can not run it with 'systemed',since the update of DEBIAN .
I hope I was explicit.

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Can you use an inject node to run the exec node command after a reboot...


Thank you for your answer.
a small problem anyway, at each deployment, the node 'inject' reactivates the command lines. That's not very important.
thank you.

You could change your deploy settings so only Modified Flows, or even Modified Nodes are deployed, and the inject node would then not trigger (unless of course you changed it).