Run firefox --kiosk automatically

Hi all,
1) I would like run firefox --kiosk on my screen just when page is correctly created by node-red service and not before, because running it on boot a page of unreachable page appears.
2) secondly I would remove auto lock screen or turn off screen after time
3) I would reset the size screen dimension of firefox page to 1024x600

until now, following some tutorial I'm using lightdm service and I set in

/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf-> display-setup-script=/root/

where in I have

firefox --kiosk

and I run node-red with a service

4) I would like that node-red service and lightdm service restarts after errors, and in case of lightdm service it must restart after node-red restart correctly

maybe startx is better?
thank you really much

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