Run node-red on raspbian wheezy

Is there a way to run node-red on raspbian wheezy. Is docker a good way to do that?

Did you try it? But why don’t you upgrade the pi from wheezy?

I want to use signove antidote that only works on raspbian wheezy. I have not tried it because i dont know if it will work or mess the situation even more. Also setting up docker on wheezy seems pretty hard to me.

I think you cannot use the normal documented route as the expects systemd to be running. I suggest trying the manual method in the general installation instructions and see what happens.

I will try it but the installation of docker is not a subject for this forum. Will i be able to read files outside the docker container using node-red?

I didn’t mean using docker, I meant to install node-red manually rather than use the usual script (which expects systemd). I don’t know anything about docker so cannot comment on that.

Can you give me the link to install node-red manually, cause i am not sure what do you mean :stuck_out_tongue: . If you mean using the " bash <(curl -sL " i am getting a ‘version’ error as expected.

The bash <curl script is what I meant by “the usual script”. I meant do it by hand as described in So first you would need to install node.js 4, 6 or 8, if that is possible on Wheezy. You may have to google to find out how. Then install node-red as described in the link.

I will try and i will come with an update