Run speedtest in exec node

Hi guys, i need your help pls.

im running node red on a win10 machin up to date.
i installed speedtest cli for win from Speedtest net
i activated the environmet variable mentioned here

when i run the command speedtest --format=json in the command line it works fine.
when i try the same in the exec node i get back an error: command not find
when i try ping it also works fine

pls help. thx

Try it with the full path where speedtest.exe is installed.
For example C:\program files\speedtestdinges\speedtest --format=json

Thx man. that was a really nice tip.
But the real problem i the whitespace between program files in the path of the invironment variable
You have to set ""

So for me that works fine:

"C:\program files\xxxxxxyyxx\speedtest.exe"

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