Run update configuration node via shell command

is there a way to update a configuration node via a shell command?
I have some configuation nodes like FRITZ!Box which sometimes lose connection and they need to get restarted/update manually before working again.

Therefore I would like to restart/update the configuration node from outside node red.


I am not aware of how you can do that other than restarting node-red.

Have you submitted bug reports against the nodes?

no, not so far. I was looking for some way to restart node red e.g. from a browser but failed so far with this approach.
Since I am working with a CCU3 the browser access to the node red console to run a restart only works through the ccu3 GUI (as far as I know) - but since I am in this situation on my Mobile this is not the way I would like to go.
I am still testing some things.
Thanks for help!

Do you mean that node red is running in the ccu3?

Is that CCU3 Rain & Remote Window Control - Teal Products

yes, node red is running as plugin inside a homematic CCU3.

Thanks for the link. I will look into it in more detail later.

Anyhow: The issue can be closed. I found out I always have to do a full deployment insted only to deploy the changed flows. This is listed as a hint in some nodes I use. That was the reason why sometimes it worked and sometime lost connection.

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