Running Docker commands in Node-red running on Docker


I am running Node-red and InfluxDB on Docker desktop, where Node-red is used to retrive data from a OPC-UA server and sending the data to InfluxDB.
In order to export or create backup of the InfluxDB, i need to log into the influxdb container (i have been using powershell).

Are there any nodes that can be used in Node-red to achive this?

Try searching the node red flows site for
influxdb backup

Thanks for your suggestion Colin!

I have tried to get the backup node working, but i get an the error code: "bin/bash: influxdb: command not found". This error code is the same error i got when i tried to use the "exec" node to log into influxdb.

I can see that the node has been tested on influxdb v1.8, but i could not find out if works on influxdb v2 which is what i am using.

Do you have any other ideas ?

I believe that it does not work with influxdb v2. It would need someone who knows about v2 to amend the node.

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