Running node-red and using putty

Simple problem here:
I'm running node-red on a raspberry pi. I putty in and I start up my node-red.

How do I use the SSH to do something else now? After staring up node-red, it doesn't go back to the prompt. I can't close my putty or node-red shuts down. What do I do?

Enable Node-Red as a systemd service:

sudo systemctl enable nodered
sudo systemctl start nodered

Access Node-Red using a browser from any machine on your network

<Raspberry Pi IP address>:1880

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Press "CTRL+C", Node-RED will continue running in the background.

You can go back to the command line.

Also like Jbudd suggested, run Node-RED as systemd service.

That is true if node red is started using node-red-start which starts it as a service, but not if started using node-red.
That assumes that node red was installed as described for the pi in the node red docs of course.

4 options:

  • Open a new PuTTY window
  • Install a terminal multiplexer such as byobu, TMUX, or GNU Screen
  • Send to the background using Linix job controls. Start node-red with something like npm start &
  • Set up and use a systemd job for Node-RED

It is good to know. I always use "node-red-start" to check if there is anything wrong with the flows.

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