Running Node Red in Windows


Hello guys

I'm running the red node with windows and would like to know how to automatically start it.

With the task manager it did not work well.

I configured using NSSM and until it starts but when I changed, for example, the port it did not load.

Anyone have any idea what might be happening?


What version of windows, what version of NR

Can you show us a screen shot of the startup and also the NSSM config ?



Are you saying that you made a change to the settings.js file, and the service did not restart? If so, then that is to be expected. There is no "watchdog" built-in to node-red... you would have to either create a flow that watches the userdir, or run it under nodemon -- or just do a manual restart.


I am using Windows Server 2008.




I actually restart the service manually. What I'm saying is that the settings made are not respected.

Like, I changed the door from 1880 to 8888 and it did not work.


Didn't we cover this a few days ago. I gave the information on how to start node-red using the Windows Scheduler. NSSM can be used but isn't necessary. The Scheduler will try to restart a failing task but you may find something like PM2 to be more reliable and controllable (at the cost of significant additional resource use).


Ok, well that sounds like you are changing the wrong settings.js file then... check the path that is output in the node-red log file at startup.

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which settings file did you edit... - when we start the first time the default one gets copied to the users directory. If you edited the "old" default one - then it won't affect the user one that is being used..


I am ediing settings.js file in:

but, I believe it is:


Did not work.

It looks like when I register a service it gets to the initial settings.

I was running the file node-red.cmd and when the settings changes it works normal.

When I close the node-red.cmd the red node to, right. When it starts the service it comes with the default start port.


Actually the default userdir should be in C:\Users\xxxxx\.node-red

If you can show us the console logs created when the service starts, that would make it clear. But I believe your Startup directory in the Nssm config is wrong -- it should be the userdir that I listed above.


This configuration is correct?


The NSSM configuration is correct.

If yes, then should be on the way to setting,js file


C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\node-red\settings.js the port is 8000

C:\Users\xxxxx.node-red\settings.js, the port is 8080

Starting the service, the node red is running in port 1880


The path you are showing is not correct... typically there is a hidden directory called .node-red underneath your user directory, not another directory with the extension ".node-red".


The path correct is C:\Users\xxxxx\.node-red

it's this way


But it's still not working the way it should.


Do you have the env variable "PORT" set somewhere? Again, showing us the console log output would help...


What is the path of the log file? I did not find it


Executing this file normally opens: