Running Node Red under Docker file path

I'm running Node Red under Docker. I want to create a file with "alasql" plugin. But what should I write to the file path?

In fact this should behave the same as if not using docker. Of course the directory structure of your docker container is different from your host machine.

If you want to persist the alasql data outside your docker container (so it is not lost when (re)building a new version of the container) then you must make use of docker volumes and assure that the alasql file path refers to such docker volume.

Can you give an example for the file path?

I have never used the alasql node.
Maybe you could try with following file name /data/my_alasql_file

After some further reading of the below part it seems that a proper file extension might be mandatory.
So maybe the following filename might work /data/my_alasql_file.txt

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