S7 Communication


I have an odd problem. I'm trying to access an Logo PLC over the internet. I wan't to read from the PLC every 60 seconds witch result in read errors.
But when I try to get values every 9 seconds or less everything works just fine.

I could understand if there was a problem accessing to often but not the other way around.
Anyone have any ideas?

I'm using:
node-red-contrib-s7 v2.1.1
Node-RED version: v1.0.3
Node.js version: v12.14.0

This is from the debuglog:

Attempting to connect to host...
We are calling back our readDoneCallback.
Failure (Bad values)
TCP Connection Established to on port 102
Will attempt ISO-on-TCP connection
Using localTSAP [0x100] and remoteTSAP [0x200]
ISO-on-TCP Connection Confirm Packet Received
Received PDU Response - Proceeding with PDU 240 and 1 max parallel connections.
We Caught a read/write error ECONNRESET - will DISCONNECT and attempt to reconnect.
ConnectionReset has been called to set the reset as pending
ConnectionReset has been called to set the reset as pending
Timed reset has happened. Ideally this would never be called as reset should be completed when done r/w.
ResetNOW is happening
Clearing an earlier scheduled reset

[{"id":"ffddac6f.c6e238","type":"s7 in","z":"bcdadbbc.b17968","endpoint":"23778ecb.33d692","mode":"all","variable":"VM1","diff":false,"name":"logoReadVM1","x":250,"y":200,"wires":[["77b37115.38aad"]]},{"id":"23778ecb.33d692","type":"s7 endpoint","z":"","transport":"iso-on-tcp","address":"","port":"102","rack":"0","slot":"2","localtsaphi":"01","localtsaplo":"00","remotetsaphi":"02","remotetsaplo":"00","connmode":"tsap","adapterauto":true,"adapterport":"","busaddr":"2","adapteraddr":"0","cycletime":"9000","timeout":"10000","verbose":"on","name":"","vartable":[{"addr":"DB1,INT0","name":"VM1"},{"addr":"DB1,INT2","name":"VM2"},{"addr":"DB1,INT4","name":"VM3"}]}]

Sounds like something to raise with the author of the s7 node as this is rather a specific error.