S7 in node tries connecting

Hi! I'm newbie to Node-Red but anyway, here is my question:
Why s7 in node keeps connecting although node is disabled..
In Powershell every ~10seconds is "Error: Timeout to connecting to the transport"..
P.S. So far didnt find any way to add the screenshot

Does the node have a config node? Did you disable that?

No idea about config node.. Also inside the node config there is no option for disabling..
What is annoying is that if PLC are offline, it takes ~7s for Re-Deploy..Normally it takes ~1s;..

Look in the list of config nodes in the sidebar. Or use the search (ctrl-f)

What does the edit panel show when you open the s7 node?

Nothing special in edit..

Yes, I know. At my first post I wrote "... Why s7 in node keeps connecting although node is disabled.."
Screenshot is from Enabled version

Node consists of two parts:
1.Connection initialization
2.Variables declaration and translation from string to addresses to start polling the values.

If node is disabled, only second part is disabled, but endpoint which control connection is still working.
image to prevent errors from appearing you need to disable s7 endpoint

OK, Thanks!
Didnt know that there is such config.
I'm using node-red just for one week

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