Same Serial Port Connected in Two Flow files Not working

Hi Team

I am trying to add COM2 in two flow files Flow1 and Flow2. The data is displayed in both flows initially . But when we disable and enable Flow1 then the Flow2 serial port is not displaying the data though it displays connected .



Initial Debug Message
Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 11.21.58 AM

Disable and enable FLOW2 from postman

Debug Message after disable and enable

As u noticed the Flow1 Data is not displaying in the Debug Window though both flows are connected



You can't open the same come port twice.
The easiest and only way is to split the output of one port node.

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Hi @edje11
I am able to use same COM port in two flows and getting output for both the flows.

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 11.21.58 AM

@avinash-choudhary please do not ping individual forum members.

What you describe sounds like a bug in the node. Disabling one of the serial nodes should not break the other one. Please raise an issue in the node-red-nodes repository.

Seems to work fine for me on Linux - not sure what you are doing with Postman - are you disabling the tab or just the node ? And you are re-deploying in between times ? If I disable/enable in the editor it works fine (for me).

Sure noted , wont include individual next time.
Ya will raise a bug

Hi @dceejay

I am Creating Flow1 and Flow 2 from Postman with the api:

Disable and enable FLOW2 from postman using API:

After this Flow1 Serial Port COM2 stops displaying the debug message though connected.

Have Attached the api's i have used
Node RED Serial Port.postman_collection.json (4.6 KB)


Hi @dceejay

Where u able to run the postman api ?
was the error reproducible ?


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