Satble or LTS NR versions

I am now too up to date with the latest NR version and is currently on 0.19.4, and very happy with it as everything works for me in my case. With the new 0.20 release, and scanning the forum recently, there seems to be some teething problems. This is of course normal with any new sw releases and credit and kudos to the developers and all those who upgrade and "test" new releases and contribute towards advancement of NR.

For the more risk adverse, Is there a simple list of "stable or LTS" release? and is there some consolidated documentation guide on "known issues" with each major releases or do one have to scan though the forum?


The current version seems very stable for me, and I'm not seeing any problems.
Which posts in particular are causing you concern?

Well the last version of each previous release is pretty good... So 0.19.6 etc...generally we get most wrinkles sorted within a few weeks, so if you don't want to be on the bleeding edge then maybe wait a month from a release and see where we are at.

It is also worth adding that with the 0.20 release, we did, for the first time, do a series of beta releases that were available for anyone to try. That certainly helped flush out a number of issues prior to the 0.20.0-final release and we will definitely do the same for all future milestones.

But no amount of testing will catch every edge case, given the wide variety of ways people use Node-RED. The majority of issues we've fixed since 0.20.0 have been just that - edge cases that only a narrow subset of users have hit. Things have certainly settled down.

Of course, every issue we fix after a milestone release is a reason to pause and consider what we could have done differently to prevent the issue from shipping in the first place. With version 1.0 around the corner, I do plan to do a write up on those issues we've fixed, how they escaped detection and what lessons we can learn moving forward.

One of the other topics for discussion with version 1.0 is what our LTS policy will be; how will we provide a stable base moving forward, keeping aligned to the Node.js LTS policy.