Save data so that it is not deleted

Would like to save data, so if raspberry restarts or I update the flow, data in the now save in menory will not be lost. If data is just beginning but when the next data is gone:

Hope some can help me, Sincerely Rene

Most of the charts don't have built in data recovery options. If you need your display data to be always with near history presented, you will need to store all that data in some way and read it at the time you will need it and feed to the nodes in the way the can accept it. Quite of set up if there is many of such things to maintain.

Could it be a node option to save it as nodeContext, similar to node-red-contrib-simple-gate so that it will persist a reboot.


how do i make a node Context, have it inside and see, and use it but I could make it work.[{"id":"6585885f.e4ee28","type":"gate","z":"e58bb002.769c5","name":"","controlTopic":"test13","defaultState":"open","openCmd":"open","closeCmd":"close","toggleCmd":"toggle","defaultCmd":"default","persist":true,"x":550,"y":260,"wires":[[]]}]

It would be something that would need to be added to the node-red-contrib-state-trail node code by @hotNipi, if he wished to add that feature, and of course if it was possible.

I think there will be much more than just me to turn nodes made by me to behave different from other similar nodes. I am tend to follow mainstream behaviors. Easy to understand and use. And as source is wide open, everybody can make versions to cover their needs.

I think that the difference between this node and other chart nodes is that there is no output from the node, so the data cannot be saved to context, and re-injected after a reboot.

Data to be feeded to node can always be routed to different path. Long term storage should not be task for data visualization node.