Save debug Node into a file

i have a flow and of course some debug node!
no the debug information comes not often - most in the night.
Is there a way to save the hole debug information into a file?

have a nice day

There are several options. A simple option is to use flogger in place of or alongside debug nodes.

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If you set your debug node to output to the console then it will log it to the node red log. If you are using a linux system (such as on a pi) then it will go to /var/log/syslog so you can look at that file, or or you can use journalctl to look back at the node red log. I don't know where it goes on Windows. Alternatively, if you start node-red running in a terminal and leave the terminal open then it will be in there.

@Colin merci found it - but it is not just the information from debug, but just all requests!
Maybe i will have to install @Steve-Mcl mentioned flogger - merci


You can pipe it through grep to find only the bits you are interested in. It depends what you are trying to do. If you are just trying to analyse a fault, for example, then that should be good enough, but if you are looking for more permanent logging for later analysis then a more sophisticated solution is probably worth the extra effort.

@Steve-Mcl i installed flogger but i got a
cant write file
and yes i have it on a Raspi Linux

where did you try to write file?



Does the account that runs node-red have permissions to write to that areas?

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