Save to CSV or TXT - UI Table


i have ui table populated with 10 records. I found on tabultaor web site that tables can have options for export / save file to PC.

I can not find how can i add this option to node-red. If this option is not available, is there any other option to save records to cvs or txt.

I have same records in mysql database so i can also grab them from there.

Thank you

You can use the file node in conjunction with the csv node to do exactly that. You just need to format the data in a function node or something beforehand.
What format does your data have when you read it from your database into nodered?

I create in this way. From mqtt to mysql database for backup.
Then from mqtt to ui table where i preview current readings.

I need from current reading to csv. So i can read direct from table or from mysql.
I will try to find solution how to use csv node, i never use it till now.

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you need to use it connected to a file node to write a new csv.

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Thank you i did not know that. I success with that part, now i must just set path where file will be saved.

Is there any option when i click on button to read data via mqtt, then csv file and automatically ready for download. (i get pop-up like when i click on download link)

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