SCADA using NodeRed + MicroLogix1400

Dear friends,

Need following input to decide if we can repalce traditional SCADA software with NodeRed considering following:

  1. We use Allen Bradley Micro Logix 1400 PLC. Do we have tested drivers available in NodeRed for communication over Ethernet Port available on the PLC base.

  2. What is the Scan time NodeRed Can offer when we need to log the Alarm / Trip Tags triggered in the PLC in there order of trigger. We should get the time stamp of which bit triggered 1st to identify the reason of Trip. We will be using desktop PC with Ubuntu OS for the User End installation to communicate with PLC

  3. Can we generate Historical reports for the values saved in database created by Nodered. Reports to be in PDF / Spreadsheet (MS Excel) Is this feature built in to Nodered or we need any third party service / app?

Any Freelancers are welcome to take up the project

Swapnil Kumbhar,
Sr. Executive (Electrical & Controls)
Turtle Turbines (P) Ltd., Pune-India
+91 98 3434 6508
+91 98 2339 4007

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